Do you want to be a friend of the SMBN (Single Mums Business Network)?

Since launching the SMBN I have been blown away by the support of people who are NOT single mums. We have people booked into the Conference on September 11th who appreciate the value for ANY person in business AND we have people who would like to join in and be part of the EXPOSURE PR.

Now I need to very clear that the SMBN is a low cost membership that offers single women who have children to look after an opportunity to gain more PR on what in otherwise naturally a low PR budget. This is via on-line exposure and in-print exposure at exhibitions and in other publications that we have committed to throughout the year. It is also about meetings and events in school hours and comradeship with women who know that being a Single Mum in Business is less about lonliness, and more about not having a second wage into the home.

As a FRIEND of the SMBN you will get on-line exposure and concession rates to events, which is still excellent value for £60 per year (payable in 12 x £5 if you want to spread the cost).

Why be a friend of the SMBN? Either you understand the single parenting journey and want to be a supporter or you come from a single parent family and wish this kind of support was there for your parents, or you know the reality that you could be single next year without seeing it coming , OR you just want really good value cheap PR! that looks good!

Whatever your motive come and join us as a friend and help these women help themselves. Self-employment is the only hope when work is not in sync with school and pay is not in sync with inflation, when you do not have a partner enabling you to be a stay at home mum with a hobby business and you do not want to turn to the state for money back.

Meanwhile come along to the Conference if you fancy on September 11th in Ross-on-Wye – we have some great speakers, lunch, coffee, all for a contribution of only £20! free for members!

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