Welcome new FRIEND – Marie Hall – EMPOWERMENT HOUSE

On the back of support from wonderful business people who are not single parents, wanting to join the network and attend the conference I have created ‘Friends of the SMBN’.  And I would like to give a warm welcome to Marie Hall of Empowerment House, who will now benefit from exposure to her business with every view of the Single Mums Business Network.

The mission of the SMBN is ‘To help self-employed working mums in the UK who are fighting solo to be financially independent whilst there for their families succeed’. Friends of the SMBN are valuable in helping us gain this exposure and benefit from very affordable exposure with every visit to the SMBN.

Marie is a Powerhouse and I am delighted to welcome her as a friend of the SMBN – Read all about her and EMPOWERMENT HOUSE …

Over the past 20 years I’ve gained a massive understanding of empowerment, the benefits of being empowered and what it takes to become empowered. This has led me to develop EMPOWERMENT HOUSE. A female empowerment programme made up of modules and workshops, ran over a period of 5 full days.

At the end of the programme the attendee is matched to a suitable mentor who’ll continue the support started through the programme. The attendee’s introduced into the EMPOWERMENT HOUSE network and encouraged every step of the way in their own journey towards their own goals and aspirations.

I understand that many women don’t recognise what they are capable of. We need to address this. My view is that by empowering women we will notice big changes, progress, an increase in female enterprise and in women on the Board at big corporations and in senior management roles.

Empowered women empower women. The positive impact that EMPOWERMENT HOUSE will bring to women, will mean that they will apply the same to other women, daughters, sisters, team members and any other woman that they come into contact with.

I have collaborated with many empowered and successful females to develop and grow my programme, so it can achieve maximum impact and help females from all backgrounds reach their next level of greatness.

As well as EMPOWERMENT HOUSE assisting career and business women, we also have EMPOWERMENT HOUSE in the community. We are currently working hard on developing this and in meetings with women’s charities who would benefit from the programme, which would be tailored specifically for those women who need to feel empowered and supported the most.

I recognise that for any female to be able to be her most powerful and successful self, she must be decisive and to be decisive she must be empowered.

It also helps to have a massive network of strong, positive females right behind you who all want you to win.

It’s about empowerment.

Connect with Marie:

Facebook Handle:https://www.facebook.com/empwrmenthouse/

Twitter Handle:https://twitter.com/empowrmenthouse

Linkedin Handle:https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariehallempowr


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