SMBN now supports GINGERBREAD via WORK for GOOD!

It is no secret that I am a big fan of Gingerbread. They are, as far as I am aware, the only UK charity whose sole existence is to support single parents. When I became a Single Mum in 2012, I had NO idea, what to do or where to go, or what help I could get, if any. I’d been a full-time employed homeowner for two decades since leaving school and this world was ALIEN.

Gingerbread not only answered every question that I had, they also helped me get over my own prejudices. I had misconceptions about what it was to be a single mum in the UK, and via their GROUPS, I met, normal, hardworking women, who were, just like me, without a partner. If it weren’t for Gingerbread I would have stayed in an isolated shell, thinking that I was ALONE, and helpless!

And so now it gives me great pleasure to support them with the growth of the SMBN. 5% of every membership from September 2019 will be donated to Gingerbread via WORK for GOOD. What a great platform this is! So easy to use and you can support any charity you choose!

There are other charities I would like to support as time goes on, namely Fredericks, Purple Shoots, Holly Guard, Marie Curie and More.. and I now know how easy it will be to do this via adding them on WORK for GOOD.

Life is not about CAPITALISM, it’s about SUPPORT. We can all do it. We all need help sometimes, and we can all give SOMETHING.

Thank you Gingerbread! If you start giving via WORK for GOOD – enter my referral code!

Take a look at our profile on WORK for GOOD

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