Welcome new ‘Friend of the SMBN’ – Lucy Tarrant, Cognitive Law

On the back of support from wonderful business people who are not single parents, I created ‘Friends of the SMBN‘.  And I would like to give a warm welcome to Lucy Tarrant, Founding Partner and Managing Director of Cognitive Law, who will now benefit from exposure to her practice with every view of the Single Mums Business Network.

The mission of the SMBN is ‘To help self-employed working mums in the UK who are fighting solo to be financially independent whilst there for their families ‘succeed”. Friends of the SMBN are valuable in helping us gain this exposure and benefit from very affordable exposure with every visit to the SMBN.

Lucy Tarrant of Cognitive Law is a Friend of the Single Mums Business Network
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Cognitive Law was founded in September 2014, after a very brave decision to create a law firm where everyone could manage their own time in a way that suited their lives.

Our consultant solicitors are aspirational, passionate about their clients, and totally in control of their personal career development. Using their business acumen and professional expertise, they deliver what they promise, every time.

Cognitive consultant solicitors are leaders in their legal field who have the ability and drive to build their practices.

A Cognitive consultant solicitor knows that hard work is an ethic and a value; and that time put in is directly reflected by quality client relationships, not just hours on a timesheet.

Our consultant solicitors are not afraid to ask questions of themselves or others, and actively think outside of traditional structures. This applies to both clients’ needs, and their own careers.

Cognitive consultant solicitors have extensive experience (on average at least 10 years PQE) that gives them a solid professional grounding, and now want to be part of something new.

Our consultancy is growing organically, and welcomes solicitors looking to take back control of their career, enjoy practising law, and grow personally as well as professionally.

For a further details of what a Consultant Solicitors job entails please click here.

Thank you Lucy for being a friend of the SMBN

Connect with Cognitive Law:

Website: www.cognitivelaw.co.uk

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/cognitivelawltd  

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CognitiveLaw


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