Welcome New Member, Rebecca Flynn – Director of Alpha and Omega Recruitment, London & Liverpool

I am delighted to welcome Rebecca to the SMBN! Again, Rebecca just showcases the professional woman that is also a Single Mum – are you beginning to see? Rebecca met Sarah, our County Coordinator in Liverpool last month and I am so pleased that she has now decided to join our fantastic National Network, of Single Mums in Business. Here’s what Rebecca says:

In 2014 I finally had the courage to leave an emotionally, manipulating and abusive relationship. In the period 2014 – 2015 I had no strength, no self esteem, and no will or desire to run a business, I lost my home and I had no money. 

I self isolated out of protection, and remained close to my family and put on a brave face for my two beautiful boys! Self isolation was my way of self preservation, I was too scared to let anyone in. I decided to take contracts for work to allow flexibility for my kids, I moved into a much smaller home after losing our family home, and over time I was healing, building trust and trying my best as a single Mum to right my wrongs for the boys… I lived with guilt for years. 

It took me a while to look in the mirror and like what was looking back (inwardly). In time, I learned that self love is the first step to success, mixed with gratitude and a wonderful family I knew the future was bright, I had to let go of the past and forgive myself and the ex. That was tough!

The last 5 years have been up and down as I was left in debt, no home and at times having my parents feed us! However, through all of that I had a burning desire to do something great.  Although at times I panicked, what if I let my kids down…? what if it does not work out ? And, I can’t put my kids through anymore mess!

However, the desire was greater than doubt, what if it does work? Why won’t it work?  Suddenly, I found myself resigning from a contract, planning a business and taking a massive risk! 

I have had family and close friends tell me to get a job and be responsible…..I have had to stand up for my beliefs and say NO, I believe this will work. I believe in me and the fire inside me is too great…And, in all of this, my desire is to show my kids we can reach for the stars, and out of a mess something wonderful can be created. 

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