Welcome New Member – Susie Mackie – Founder – Women of Spirit

I am delighted to welcome Susie Mackie, Photographer, Author, Founder of Women of Spirit and Hotter Shoes Inspirational Woman! to the Single Mums Business Network. I have been connected with Susie for a few years and admired her work from afar, and I am so proud that she is a fellow SMiB and has joined our network. Here is a what Susie says:

WHY do I want to help others rebalance their life, build their self-esteem and live the life they desire? As a little girl my teachers described me as a confident little girl who loved to be a leader or a helper, generous and warm-hearted. Then I went to high school – a fearful, toxic, negative environment, and this was all knocked out of me. So I know only too well the consequences low self-worth has on your life, on the choices you make and how these have a major (and sadly negative) impact on other areas of your life, particularly health (emotional and physical), relationships and finances.

BUT – if I hadn’t been through these experiences I wouldn’t be doing what I am now – helping women build their self-worth.

In 2008, at the age of fifty, I graduated from Hereford College of Art with a First Class BA (Hons) Degree in Photography, which gave me confidence that I actually could do something well, and now I use my experiences, my camera and my empathy, with a good dose of humour, to give my clients an empowering and confidence building experience. Now, I no longer simply survive; I thrive – and I want to help you thrive too. I believe it is never too late for anyone to become empowered, happy and fulfilled, and to build a bright, secure and happy future.

In 2017 I founded ‘Women of Spirit’ with the publication of Volume One. The ‘Women of Spirit’ books and movement are all about sharing stories and enabling women to know their true value. I am a Fellow of the RSA and one of Hotter’s ‘Inspirational Women’.

Susie is a genuinely beautiful woman, inside and out and she really cares about the wellbeing of women and men. I loved meeting her and I have no doubt you would too.

You can learn more about Susie by viewing her Linktree profile HERE

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