Single Mums Business Network Awards and Covid-19 – This is what is going to happen!

Barely 18 months ago I had a vision, to change public perception about single mums and showcase the amazing women who are fighting solo with a really strong work ethic. A few months later I set up the Single Mums Business Network, welcomed members, started to open up about our challenges and by the end of the year I had recieved hundreds of nominations from incredible hard-working women all over the UK, who all deserve recognition for everything that they are fighting for, despite society not being designed for them. We also had nominations from incredible men and women who support us, either by mentoring or by enabling flexible working in their organisation – these awards celebrate you all!

We had planned to celebrate with the first UK National Awards for Single Mums in Business on May 23rd 2020. Due to Covid, we played it safe and postponed the Awards until November 21st 2020, but following today’s announcement by the Prime Minister about events closing down, likely for another 6 months, we have had to succumb to the virus and make alternative plans! But challenges never stop us, and we always reflect on the positive! So here’s the GOOD NEWS….

Everybody who bought tickets will get a full refund! Quids in!!

We can save up and buy our beautiful black-tie outfits for our 2021 awards / xmas event (of course there will be one!) – Nominations open November 29th 2020

The WINNERS, do not have to wait until 21st November to find out if they are an award winning business! Instead we will announce the winners on 21st October!

We will still hand out prizes and thank our sponsors – who will be on the website with the winners for 12 months! extended PR time! The PRIZES will be drawn from envelopes on 21st November at 5pm! You should already have this in your diary from the event – but instead – it’s free! AND you get to wear slippers and no make-up! as this will be a live where I ask you to pick a number so that I can draw your prize live on-line – you just need to interact to pick your number if you are a winner and celebrate with others – more details on this when announcements are made on 21st October! (Make sure I have your ADDRESS, if you are a finalist and NOT a member – as I will need to post some certificates!! (jumping for joy!).

So we will celebrate! We will celebrate that we are here and healthy, we will celebrate that we have saved some money without planning to! We will celebrate that we still have lots to look forward to and we will keep working hard to make our lives beautiful! So bare with me, if you booked on Eventbrite refund will be easy – if you used the payment plan – I can’t refund DD’s so send me your details and I’ll initiate a transfer! I’ll do all this next week, when I have a little more time, as I have around £1k of refunds to process! Such fun! (If you booked a room in the hotel they have confirmed they will issue a full refund when you call them x)

Do not let this news deflate you, what matters is that we are around to talk about it. And I have been at financial rock bottom and had my home repossesed and zero income. if this is you now I promise it is just a moment in time and as long as you have you, you have a future, and you can rebuild an amazing one, with nothing, I am living proof, and I am here to support you!

Sending LOVE

Jules x

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