Welcome New Member, Cheryl T, Founder and Principal Consultant – Chapter 46 – to the Single Mums Business Network!

I am delighted to welcome new member Cheryl T, Founder and Principal Consultant at Chapter 46, to the Single Mums Business Network, aka the SMBN. Chapter 46 has a very clear mission –

‘To remind you of who you were before the world told you who you should be’

Chapter 46 work predominantly with women (and men, through recommendation, from time to time) who come to them either because circumstances have caused the wind to knock the sails out of them, the dots aren’t quite connecting or something is still ‘missing’ inside, despite all of their achievements. You can read more on their website here: https://chapter46.com/

This is music to my ears as we have so much healing to do as a culture, to undo the damage that has been done to us by hindering our spirit and nature as human beings. I celebrate the women and men, who are lightworkers, consultants, healers, gamechangers and rule breakers. I support Cheryl 100% on her journey and important role to play in our future.

I have no doubt of the calibre of Single Mums in the UK and the SMBN is here to ensure that these ladies get the recognition and exposure they deserve, and the best possible opportunity to succeed in enjoying their families and achieving financial freedom.

Members enjoy exposure to their business with every visit to the SMBN and associated PR.  Please don’t hesitate to join us if you are a Single Mum working hard to pay the bills alone, we are here to help you.  You do not have to be a single mum to join, we have friends of the SMBN too. Every time a new member joins she is not only helping herself but helping every other member and friend of the SMBN, we welcome you x

Do you want to be a Single Mum in Business? – Check out the Salary and Job Description (and join the SMBN if this sounds like you!)

Do you want to be a Single Mum in Business? – Check out the Salary and Job Description (and join the SMBN if this sounds like you!)
Hours – 119 to 126 per week (must not expect Sundays off)
Salary – £2.30 per hour OTE £30K +
Holiday Pay – No * Sick Pay – No * Perks such as Gym Membership or Costa – No
Bank Holidays – No * Annual Leave – Sorry, No (needy springs to mind)
You must be driven, able to work autonomously, and free to carry out emergency childcare (without taking any time off) in case of pandemic, 13 weeks of school holidays, in-service days or sickness.
If that sounds good so far and you meet the job description below (read on) – you may want to join your comrades in the SMBN!

Welcome New (old) Member, Esther Nagle, a copywriter from South Wales who helps ADHD and addiction coaches attract clients through engaging blogs, articles and web copy!

WELCOME NEW (OLD) MEMBER, ESTHER NAGLE, A COPYWRITER FROM SOUTH WALES WHO HELPS ADHD AND ADDICTION COACHES ATTRACT CLIENTS THROUGH ENGAGING BLOGS, ARTICLES AND WEB COPY! I am really pleased to be able to welcome Esther, from ‘Be here write now’ back to the SMBN! I never take offence if somebody leaves for a while, life does that to us, what I really love is that she came back, after knowing what it looks like on the inside! and just in time for the Spring issue of the SMBN mag! super duper..
Read more….

Social Impact Review Report

You can download the Social Impact Review Report (special first edition with typos) pdf HERE, but I have copied the content below for ease of reference. … Read More

2020 – The Year We All Made History. 2021, The Year of Imminent Fun

We have all fought this year. We all have our own personal challenges and triumphs. The main thing is that we are here to tell the tale. We all know the dance isn’t over, but we all know it will be soon. Whatever you have survived for 9 months, you will survive for 3 more. The human timescale for rebirth and readjustment. A future that learns from the past..

SMBN Awards 2021 – New Sponsor – Laura Callahan, Willow HR

When Laura joined the SMBN in 2019, I could not have imagined how supportive she would be. She has offered guidance, coaching, she always wants to find ways to support me and my other members, and I have a had a front row seat as she has expanded her own business, and supported so many families through such a difficult year. She not only won the Family Employer of the Year category 2020, she has now pledged her support for the 2021 Awards by sponsoring the same category. Membership fees are so low for the SMBN, at only £5pcm, and without any charitable status or Grant support, outside of my own income I am cannot express my gratitude for sponsors enough

I should never have been on benefits, but lack of flexible working cost the tax payer thousands…


I was blissfully unaware of issues surrounding flexible working in my 20’s and early 30’s. As I was blissfully ignorant and judgemental around benefits. I had been quite happy for 20 years in my 9-5 (or more like 8-8), and short of wishing it was a four day week, so that I could get things done, like mortgage phone calls and fridge deliveries or electrician appointments etc, I wasn’t too troubled, as at least I could swim at 7am and visit the gym until 9pm.. it was when I became a single mum, I realised I was living this crazy world of presenteeism, that actually destroyed so many people!

Welcome New ‘Friend’ of the SMBN, Clare Griffiths, Founder of the Thrive Effect

I am delighted to welcome Clare Griffiths, University Entrepreneurship Educator, Advocate for Female Founders and Women in Business and Founder of The Thrive Effect, as a friend of the Single Mums Business Network. I met Clare through her Thrive Huddle, and was really impressed with the way she supports fellow women in business, and so it is a real pleasure to celebrate her via the SMBN. Clare is based in Brighton but facilitates networking and events on-line as well as in person so it really doesn’t matter where in the UK you are based!

You do not have to be a single mum to join, we have friends of the SMBN too. Every time a new member joins she is not only helping herself but helping every other member and friend of the SMBN, we welcome you x

Catfish UK are looking for people who have been chatting to someone online for quite some time but have never met up in person or even seen each other on video chat. A ‘Catfish’ is someone who lures a person into a relationship by adopting a fictional online persona, something that annoys me greatly, as I am consistently approached by ‘fake’ Gerrard Butlers, Leonardo Dicaprios and Single Dad Soldiers!

I don’t normally talk about dating through the SMBN, it is a business network, and it is for single mums only as I want it to remain a professional network where members are unlikely to hit on each other (I am primitive I appreciate what is natural). I do signpost men where I can, as is evident on the first page of the SMBN, but our group is girls only..

I cannot count how many message requests and connection requests I have had from fake Gerrard Butlers, fake Leonardo Dicaprios and fake Single Dad Soldiers. Now I can send them to Catfish UK to investigate further…


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