Welcome New Member, Cheryl T, Founder and Principal Consultant – Chapter 46 – to the Single Mums Business Network!

I am delighted to welcome new member Cheryl T, Founder and Principal Consultant at Chapter 46, to the Single Mums Business Network, aka the SMBN. Chapter 46 has a very clear mission –

‘To remind you of who you were before the world told you who you should be’

Chapter 46 work predominantly with women (and men, through recommendation, from time to time) who come to them either because circumstances have caused the wind to knock the sails out of them, the dots aren’t quite connecting or something is still ‘missing’ inside, despite all of their achievements. You can read more on their website here: https://chapter46.com/

This is music to my ears as we have so much healing to do as a culture, to undo the damage that has been done to us by hindering our spirit and nature as human beings. I celebrate the women and men, who are lightworkers, consultants, healers, gamechangers and rule breakers. I support Cheryl 100% on her journey and important role to play in our future.

Welcome New Member – Carmen Romero, Founder and Director – Impact Creation Lab Ltd

I am delighted to welcome Carmen Romero as a member of the Single Mums Business Network. Carmen has worked for more than a decade in the space of impact investing, UHNWI, family offices and social enterprises as well as with start-ups at various stages of their growth from ideation all the way to pre-seed or seed investment ready.

Welcome New SMBN Member – Danielle Baron – Integrative Therapist | Life/Career Coach | Experienced Teacher and AHT 10+ Years | 11 + Entrance Exam Tutor | Seen in Daily Mail, Prima, Grammar School Insider, Brainz Magazine… and there’s more!

I am delighted to welcome Danielle Baron to the Single Mums Business Network!

Danielle catalyses children and adults to rise like a phoenix from the flames 🔥 and to reach their optimum potential. She is an entrepreneur, inspiring 11+ and 7+ entrance exams tutor, rapid transformational therapist®, business coach for overachievers, a life coach for all, an NLP Master practitioner and she is also certified by the ILM.

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Right darlings! The Gov have just made a ‘bit’ of a ‘massive’ poop in judging you instead of tackling the root cause and keeping you safe in the interim, so, let me see what I can do to help… Webinar/ Workshop – Breaking Free from Benefits – Flexible Working and Self-Employment – Free of Charge – all welcome regardless of reason for needing support.

I cannot express enough how disappointed I am in the Chancellor’s attitude towards the most vulnerable members of society in receipt of universal credit. I am all for everybody working, and I am all for growing the economy, but punishing the most vulnerable, instead of tackling the root cause, epitomises what is wrong with our Governance. I have always been a proud tax payer, but right now, I am not proud of where that tax is going.

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Friend of the SMBN Carol McIntyre – Founder of Exec Pro VA – A Welcome Renewal!

It is always lovely to welcome a new member or new friend to the SMBN, but it’s something extra special when a member has a break then re-joins, or renews their membership. It’s a real pleasure to extend a warm second welcome to Carol McIntyre, after her confirmation of renewal of being part of what we are so proud to be. A force for good.

So, for those of you who don’t know about Carol or Exec Pro VA – here’s a little snippet:


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