Do you want to be a Single Mum in Business? – Check out the Salary and Job Description (and join the SMBN if this sounds like you!)

Do you want to be a Single Mum in Business? – Check out the Salary and Job Description (and join the SMBN if this sounds like you!)

Hours – 119 to 126 per week (must not expect Sundays off)

Salary – £2.30 per hour OTE £30K +

Holiday Pay – No * Sick Pay – No * Perks such as Gym Membership or Costa – No

Bank Holidays – No * Annual Leave – Sorry, No (needy springs to mind)

You must be driven, able to work autonomously, and free to carry out emergency childcare (without taking any time off) in case of pandemic, 13 weeks of school holidays, in-service days or sickness.

If that sounds good so far and you meet the job description below – you may want to join your comrades in the SMBN!

Job Description    

Office Manager / Customer Service / Office Administrator

  • Maintain strong relationships with customers, helping and advising where required
  • Deal with day-to-day issues quickly and effectively
  • Communicate will all stakeholders in a timely and consistent manner
  • Ensure any Insurance is valid and up to date
  • Ensure compliance with GDPR and any other relevant legislation to your business, such as CPD for Insurance or registration with governing bodies
  • Stay on top of renewal dates and tariff changes for internet, utilities, insurance, and any other fees associated with business
  • You will arrange couriers and compare prices for sales and purchases

PA for personal and professional diary, event management, pension planning

  • You will keep update with any meetings, travel itineraries, scheduling of on-line meetings using software packages such as zoom and Microsoft teams. 
  • You will ensure ample time before meetings / client bookings and ensure that the meetings /client bookings details are sent to the customer. 
  • You will ensure that any personal commitments are blocked out in digital and paper diaries to ensure double bookings do not happen.  You will research ahead for parking and any restrictions or charges such as London waiting zone
  • You will keep on top of networking events and ensure that these are booked in a timely manner
  • You will ensure that a full specification is checked at least one month prior to exhibitions or festivals to ensure that any hotel bookings, wireless card payment machines, or display material can be prepared and ordered
  • You will ensure that nothing clashes with childcare availability, you will check childcare availability during school holidays as start and finish times often vary
  • You will try to keep on top of school calendar and attend sports day and parent assemblies if you have enough notice to block the diary
  • You will ensure a private pension is set-up, often via a professional in your network

Bookkeeping business and personal

  • Budget forecasting and reflection, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually
  • Maintain accurate record of income and expenditure, one for business and one for household
  • Stay on top of deadlines for submission of self-assessment tax returns, company accounts and annual return if ltd company
  • Ensure cashflow is operational based on timescales for pay outs on various seller platforms or payment processing portals
  • Research loans, grants, balance transfers, bank charges
  • Check invoices against delivery notes on purchase ledger
  • Check invoices against quotes for sales ledger
  • Profit and loss analysis

Web designer

  • Research web hosting platforms and build and maintain website
  • Research ecommerce options and ensure payment processing fully linked
  • Ensure all goods and services visible for easy check out
  • Ensure SEO information all web pages
  • Generate blogs to enhance SEO
  • Research royalty free images to use on website and PR literature
  • Ensure web and email hosting paid and correctly set-up
  • Send periodic test emails or visit on public computer to test functionality


  • Focus on UK market to identify your target audience and find ways to connect with future customers
  • Proactively seek business and networking opportunities and build strong relationships via several social media and direct marketing platforms ensuring that the customer knows who you are, what you do, and why they need your business
  • Respond to client questions and if you are not a good fit, signpost them to another business in your network, helping to build and maintain strong long-term relationships and collaborative partnerships
  • Ensure that you are driven and passionate about what goods or service you supply.  If you are not confident, your customer will not be confident in your services.

Marketing and PR

  • Content creation, vlogs, blogs, social media posts, mailshots
  • Relationship management of external marketing support
  • Research avenues for paid and free PR
  • Award entries
  • Up to date corporate photography
  • Automation of campaigns to coincide with relevant dates and events
  • Ensure that product information is readily available and clear to source on every platform
  • Consistency of identity and message
  • Research competitors and carry out regular SWOT analysis

Health and Safety officer

  • Ensure that you maintain a safe working and home environment.  Under the Health and Safety Act, as well as practical H&S in the workplace you are required by law to make sure that you do all that you can to support employees under stress, that is whether that stress has been generated at home or in the workplace.  Carry out risk assessments and remember, you are your employee.

Director / Management

  • Oversee all GDPR, Insurance & Legal, Corporate Responsibility & Social Impact
  • Ensure all sales, accounts, marketing, PR, H&S and office admin are operational
  • Personal development, ensure you have the confidence to recognise what you have to offer and why you need remuneration for that, set your pricing to ensure that your business is sustainable without damaging the circular economy due to greed

As well as diary planning under the personal PA aspect of the role, you must fulfil the tasks below;

Drive your children to and from school and any clubs at least ten journeys per week, shop for, prepare, and cook at least 21 meals and around 14 snack breaks, take care of any home DIY such as blocked internal drains, painting, electrical shortcuts and maintain the garden, at least mowing and weeding weekly, ensure the roof felt on shed remains intact and play equipment is maintained in good order.

You will set aside at least two hours per day to be a playful, loving parent who can help with homework and ensure your child’s mental wellbeing and sense of security is untarnished, even if you are petrified on a daily basis of losing your home or your income or your car breaking down.

And, if you are on Universal Credit – possibly spend at least 20 hours per week looking for ‘employment’ until business generates enough income to satisfy MIF and work coach that you really are not as lazy as you look, albeit you will also need to spend these 20 hours working on business to generate business income.

Or, if you are in employment, do all of the above outside of your commute and commitment to other company.

IF you have grandparent support or are coparenting, it is okay to focus on your ‘core business’ or ‘employment’ during those hours, and catch up on everything else when you are home alone with your child(ren).

and don’t forget to take out the trash!

If that sounds like you – welcome to the club, we are the single mums in business, who are fighting to make work work and are proud and unashamed to be single mums, in business!

For more info visit – or just Google #SMBN

You’ve got this! – and if you want a bit of nursing through and accountability – join the 12 week programme HERE

Check out our amazing existing members who are already rocking this Member Directory | Single Mums Business Network and 100% deserve any business you send their way!

Thank you to those of you who lift us – you know who you are x

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