Welcome New Member, Fay Victoria Durrant, Owner of Wellness & Wilderness, Self Care for Wilder Women Online or In Person ‘Retreats in the Spanish Mountains’ – I am very excited to welcome Fay – You HAVE to look at her website!!

It is impossible to contain my excitement that Fay has joined us. We have been connected on LinkedIn for a long time and she has always supported my posts, and now she has decided to join us, which is music for my soul. What Fay has created with Wellness & Wilderness, and her story of starting this with her daughters, her challenges as a single mum, and how she didn’t give up on her dream is all inspiring. I have already signed up as a Patreon and you can too. Here is what Fay says;

Are you feeling frazzled by life the universe and everything? As parents or carers, we often tend to put our own needs last. With the best intentions, life often ends up getting in the way. This needs to change; we urgently need to put our own well-being at the top of our “To Do lists” because, what happens if we continuously don’t?

I help exhausted, overwhelmed parents to find the time for selfcare, fit in fitness, sleep better & eat better, and avoid burn out. I am passionate about this, because I learnt the hard way, what happens if you don’t. 12 years ago, I didn’t know the physical dangers of chronic stress. I had survived all the shite life had thrown at me, as well as all the self-inflicted, burning that proverbial 2 ended candle. I thought I was wonder woman. I didn’t take proper care of me. Like most folk, I didn’t realise how important it was. I thought I was indestructible. The truth was very different. I was broken and the cracks were showing. A combination trying to balance being a young lone mum, having some kind of life, working stupid hours & then an abusive relationship; had all left me chronically stressed & far more physically damaged than I realised. I ignored my body’s cries for rest. If I was tired, I fuelled myself on coffee. I continued to push myself. I retrained in my new passion, fitness. I was leaving my old life behind and I had something to prove to the world. Jan 2010. I qualified as a Personal Trainer. The next week I collapsed with severe “burn-out. I was broke and broken. The next few years were a steep learning curve. Recovery happened slowly, I had to change my planned work direction, and had to learn to accept a lot of help from some amazing people. I count my blessings daily that life has always sent me angels in human form to help when things felt like they couldn’t get much worse. All of this was preventable. I now share all that I have learnt over the years so that you don’t have to go through this . Is it time to value yourself enough to make your health &wellbeing a priority? For You, your future self & Your kids?

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This world would be the envy of most of us, but this is what hard work looks like – there are those who wish it would happen and those who make it happen. I know that Fay will be getting a visit from me and some SMBN members soon enough! Spanish Mountains here we come

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