2022 – The Year of the Single Parent!

I have it on good authority! Things are changing for us, we are raising awareness of, and challenging, genuine barriers that feed negative public perception. We are making it okay to be single, and a parent! We are not ashamed, we are celebrating a future where relationships are only about love, and not about necessity, we are showing our children that if you are happy you stay, but if you are unhappy you can do it alone, because we will make sure that as a single person you can own or rent a home without discrimination or barriers, have sufficient childcare, work and earn a self-sufficient living in childcare hours. Single can be a choice, and when it’s not a choice, because you have lost your partner, we will work to ensure that you will not be penalised financially or professionally, as well as dealing with the emotional trauma.

We are single parents, we are proud to love only for love, when you see us in a relationship it is a testament that we are happy, there is no doubt that we need a partner or are so ashamed by the stigma of being called a ‘single mum’ or a single parent.

Any public cost associated with ‘single mum’ is being hit head on, we are addressing impact, root cause, and solutions. We are fighting for our self-sufficient security, we are fighting to ensure that every single parent has equal opportunity to pay equal tax. We are holding our heads high, and educating the public that this isn’t all on us.

Be proud single parent, be proud single mum, fight the fight and ensure that you are not vulnerable because you ‘need’ somebody, or preyed upon because you are trying to work. Love is choice, love is not a financial transaction or obligation. Work is doing what you are good at, what you are designed for, and being remunerated for your contribution to making the world go round. Your home is your sanctuary, we all need that sanctuary.

Do not lose hope, do not lose faith, things are happening, trust that, and keep doing your best as you feel the tide is against you. Never give up.

With love


Two happy homes are better than one toxic home

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