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Happy #SingleParentsDay2022

We are all pretty fragile at the moment, barely having time to recover from the pandemic, flooding either side, the cost of living, fighting for our own kind of survival yet being acutely aware of, and doing what we can to support the Ukraine Crisis. It is never easy, when you witness such tragedy to try and practice gratitude when you are still suffering in your very own reality. 

Together we are stronger, this has always been the undercurrent of my own work, to try and collaborate with others to try and make a difference without holding any political weight. In this issue we celebrate Alison Cork and her #smallbusinessbigdifference campaign, whereby she has reached out to all UK Small Businesses to donate £1 each to the Ukraine Appeal in conjunction with the Daily Mail, and we are also celebrating our cover girl Pollyanna England, who is leading by  example and making home ownership possible, for those of us who otherwise seem to be heading for a lifetime of renting and worrying about private rents and eviction in our 90th year. 

We have a lot of problems to tackle, that could quite easily be solved with the right vision, understanding and leadership, and we will continue to work 24/7 until we see positive change, for all of humanity.

Note you can order the hard copy, or read it with live links on Issuu here:

with Laura Callahan and Nehaya Zitawi

Some of our contents include:

Page 21 – Wellbeing Matters

Page 33 – SmallBiz100

Page 35 – Men’s Mental Health

Page 43 – Legal Columnist #AskLucinda

Page 47 – Pets 2 Places Franchise Success

Page 53 – Flexible Working Agencies

Page 55 – Social Impact Review

Page 82 – Minimum Income Floor

Page 84 – Purple Shoots Responsible Finance

Page 92 – SMBN SOS

Page 94 – Alison Cork and Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal #SmallBusinessBigDifference

And of course details of all of our members incredible businesses!

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