Right darlings! The Gov have just made a ‘bit’ of a ‘massive’ poop in judging you instead of tackling the root cause and keeping you safe in the interim, so, let me see what I can do to help… Webinar/ Workshop – Breaking Free from Benefits – Flexible Working and Self-Employment – Free of Charge – all welcome regardless of reason for needing support.

Webinar Information for Low Income Earners in Receipt of Benefits


In response to the mini budget announced yesterday, I cannot express enough how disappointed I am in the Chancellor’s attitude towards the most vulnerable members of society, in receipt of universal credit. I am all for everybody working and earning good money, and I am all for growing the economy, but punishing the most vulnerable, instead of tackling the root cause, epitomises what is wrong with our Governance and their lack of lived experience or understanding.

I have always been a proud taxpayer, but right now, I am not proud of where that tax is going. As a woman who should never have needed universal credit, with a law degree and absolute willingness, and incentive to work full time, I am all too aware of the very real barriers that exist, that forced me into low paid, low skilled and part-time work, resulting in the loss of my home, access to credit, dignity, and ability to support the economy.

[let us not forget how important our low paid workforce is, the shopkeepers, carers, TA’s, nurses! who carried us through the pandemic, do the Gov really want to tell these people they need incentives to get a ‘better’ job. There are few jobs more noble or needed. They just need better pay.]

I met our new PM Liz Truss last month, discussed these issues with her and she was very clear that she is aware of the barriers and issues to childcare, and reassured me that she will be looking into this, and I do believe she will, but, as with the electricity, whereby they are supporting consumers and businesses whilst they tackle the root cause, they are taking a very different approach to those who need universal credit or other benefits to top up their income, and instead of offering really humane support, which is where I WANT my tax to go, for a period of another year or two, whilst they tackle the root cause, they are taking a very judgmental and harsh approach, of making the vulnerable feel even more vulnerable; be under no illusion, this will cost more lives to be lost, more crime, more anger, more civil unrest, and more distrust in Government.

I personally would have preferred it if they had advised lifestyle claimants, that active measures were being taken in the next 12 months to two years to improve their confidence, health and mental health, and skills, after which benefits may be affected.

Equally, those of you who work nominal hours, because that is all you can manage because of the barriers that exist, whether physical, financial or emotional, should have reassurance that Government will tackle the root causes but will help support you in your hour of need, properly, instead of leaving you in destitution grateful for two walnuts and a glass of milk a day to stop you actually dying.

Look, we have LOTS of work to do, to help those who do not understand understand, but, alas, I can help in the short-term, by sharing all that I know with you, so please do come along to this free webinar / workshop, and pick my brains as I fry yours, and let’s winter the storm together, and hope that the politicians turn things around before it is too late.

Here is the webinar spiel:

I’m Julie, Founder of the SMBN.  I am a professional single mum who broke free from the benefits trap and regained financial independence via flexible working, freelancing and small business sales.  In this webinar we will cover:

Specialist flexible working agencies

Self-employment traps to avoid, namely MLM schemes

Setting up and sustaining freelancing and small business

Marketing and PR

Wellbeing and Mindset

The reality of being your own boss and autonomous working

Minimum Income Floor in benefits and how to break free

Barriers to homes and finance and where to find support


As I have always said via my blogs and other channels – there are many issues with the UK economy, and a woman, of able body and able mind, struggling to provide for herself and her family should not be one of them.  We need our feet firmly on the ground so that we can support the economy and support those most in need.

I never sell the six-figure dream via high ticket sales, true inner peace, happiness and success is actually a lot more modest than that!  Not stressing month to month and loving who you are and what you do, whilst being able to sleep at night, is much more rewarding than a first-class ticket to the Maldives as others struggle on your watch..

Come on in, take back your power, own your own life. SIGN UP HERE

**It is a FREE event, but donations are welcome… if you are a Banker or Minister! and attending to learn!

As I have said, all are welcome, as these issues, and these answers, do not only effect single mums, they affect anybody who is under pressure to work more hours as barriers exist.

Ju x

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