Catherine Gladwyn, ‘Friend’ of the SMBN, runs a successful virtual assistant business, has published an award winning bestselling book, mentors other business owners, and, lives with Addison’s disease and recurring pituitary tumours… she shares because she cares!

Me? I’m Catherine and I am one of many things, as I guess you are too – but don’t tell anyone, I can’t multi-task.

I first started my business back in 2016, I’m a Virtual Assistant. I decided I needed to stop the 9-5 primarily to help manage my health. Addison’s disease and recurring pituitary tumours are a part of my life, with those come a cocktail of medication to keep me alive every day and also keep me exhausted, so working a traditional job that gives me a survival income isn’t really an option.

Saturdays used to be the only day I really felt were for me when I was employed. I was sick to death of working in a thankless, stressful environment. This can’t be what life is all about, surely? Counting down the years to retirement, but then wondering if I’d even make it that far if I continued as I was.

Fast forward a few years and I continue to run my Virtual Assistant business, but I have also written and published an award winning, bestselling book to help others start their own successful Virtual Assistant business – How to be a Virtual Assistant is available worldwide on Amazon, Kindle and Audible. I also mentor other virtual business owners to help them build and grow their business via my online membership.

It really is true; find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.

I also enjoy sharing my knowledge by speaking at events, and that’s how I met Julie! By speaking at one of her events in 2019. Find out more about how I can inspire your audience here.

I do look forward to finding out all about you too.

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