Welcome New Member, Philippa Main, of Three Sisters Farm, to the Single Mums Business Network…

Philppa Three Sisters Farm Dried Flowers

I am delighted to welcome Philippa Main, Owner and Founder of Three Sisters Farm, to the Single Mums Business Network. As a huge fan of dried flowers it’s a real joy to discover Philippa’s site and I am very excited to share it with you! Here is what Phillipa says;

2020 was the year that changed everything! A global pandemic and a redundancy led to this incredible journey. Taking a leap of faith into the unknown by creating a business was a huge risk especially when you are a single mum with little support!

Fast forward 12 months and the Three Sisters Farm team have built a brand and community of which we value immensely. 

About Philippa…

Philippa’s style is based around her love for the Countryside. Think rich colours, different types of natural materials and a penchant for colourful patterns. Interior design and fashion have always been a passion and so to put this into practise and create a business that is creatively fulfilling is a dream come true.

Philippa lives in the North Essex countryside with her 8 year old son! Becoming a single mum over 6 years ago was the hardest thing in the world. But now an expert (sort of!) in spinning several plates the bond between us is stronger than ever! Philippa hopes to be an inspiration to others in that women really can have it all and do it for themselves.

About Three Sisters Farm…

Dried flowers and pampas grass are back, gone are the days of the dusty and dull dried flowers from the 80’s and hello to a vast depth of colours and styles to suit every interior. I have loved designing our dried flower and pampas ranges and will continue to grow our ranges. We aim to provide you with the best range of dried flowers in the UK. Dried flowers are an amazing alternative to real flowers, lasting over a year and with low maintenance they are a cost effective and a sustainable choice. 

At Three Sisters Farm we promise you a tailored and independent experience that is personal.

You can visit the website and social media pages by following the links below;


Philippa is no longer solo! Philippa is part of the SMBN!

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