Welcome New Member, Claire Standen, Coach, Speaker and Activist, to the SMBN

I am delighted to welcome Claire to the SMBN. I have watched her work from afar for a couple of years now I think, and I always thought it would be lovely to get behind her work.

Claire is a coach and therapist helping entrepreneurial and professional women break the generational curse of ‘never enough’ so that they can build businesses, relationships and family lives that light them up. She is a certified and insured practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, hypnotherapy, reiki and other trauma informed therapies meaning she is perfectly placed to coach you through whatever comes up. More importantly, Claire is someone who walks her talk.

As a dedicated self-developer, she is always learning and building her capacity to hold space. We can, after all, only facilitate work to the depths we have gone to ourselves, and for Claire, that’s deep inner work. Having separated from her husband in 2017, Claire found that life quickly began tail-spinning out of control. She didn’t have the confidence to communicate effectively with her ex-husband, and it was then that she discovered a completely different path. Thank goodness, because when she imagined things staying the same for the next 18 years or so, it was unthinkable. So-nothing changes if nothing changes, right? In truth (and Claire is known for her vulnerability and honesty in the on-line space), there was almost no area of Claire’s life that she was entirely happy with.

Starting with the minimum wage job- the finances just didn’t add up; the massive overwhelm she felt parenting her 2 kids under 5 years old and most especially her relationship with herself. Looking around on-line, there didn’t seem to be a blueprint for what she hoped she could achieve, but she held the faith and made her own way. Now, she brings the tools and techniques she’s learnt across 5 intense years to other single mums who want to build brighter futures for themselves and their kids. This work is revolutionary and courageous. It connects women back to their deeper wisdom and higher intelligence. It is the commitment to stop unhelpful patterns in this generation, and not pass them on to the next. Last but not least, it is the commitment to turn up differently in the future so that we can never repeat the same mistakes in love, work and parenting.

Claire’s coaching packages are across 3, 6 or 12 months, with dedicated 1:1 support so you can thrive. You can bring your real-time issues or whatever is coming up for you to the sessions, and she’ll work through this with you, helping you meet challenges more resourcefully, and go after your goals with more clarity and confidence. She also brings programmes and courses, including ‘The Empowered Divorce’, an 8-week self-study course to help you implement some life changing tools and techniques derived from the most powerful schools of trauma recovery and healing, combined with mindset and personal development. This course really could alter the course of your life.

To learn more about Claire’s work please visit her website


and let her know we sent you!

Thank you, Claire, for joining the SMBN, where SOLO no longer means SOLO. Helping Women in Work, Enterprise and Wellbeing since 2019.

Welcome New Member, Nina Farr, to the Single Mums Business Network. Nina is a Leadership Coach & Mentor, TEDx Speaker, Author of ‘I am the Parent Who Stayed’, and there’s more! Read on…

I am delighted to welcome Nina Farr, to the Single Mums Business Network, aka SMBN.

You really need to visit Nina’s website to fully appreciate the scope of her offerings, from coaching, HR Support, her own Cluster Mothers Membership group, her book, and much more. Here is what Nina says;

Member Impact Story – Claire Harris – Pets2Places

Thank you to SMBN member Claire for submitting our first official Impact Story!

The Single Mums Business Network [SMBN] was set-up in 2019 to help single mums with work, enterprise and wellbeing, with a strong focus on positive mental health and economic impact…

The BOOK – Single Mum & 21st Century Peasant – Breaking out of Benefits Jail, is coming soon and available for pre-order!

The BOOK – Single Mums & 21st Century Peasant – Breaking out of Benefits Jail, is coming soon!

I have held a number of webinars to address barriers to adequate work, homes and finance, and consequential benefits. This book shares my own journey as a Single Mum and self-proclaimed 21st Century Peasant, as I share information, advice and tips on how to escape the benefits trap, as I did. It is not linear..

Welcome New Member to the SMBN – Debra Elsmore, Owner at Balance, Pilates and Wellbeing

I am delighted to welcome Debra to the Single Mums Business Network. Deb and I have been connected via networking for a number of years and it is always very heart-warming when somebody who has known me for years and I consider a friend, sees the value in formal membership of the SMBN. Debra is a kind and intuitive woman and I know that you are safe in her hands.

Welcome New Member – Carmen Romero, Founder and Director – Impact Creation Lab Ltd

I am delighted to welcome Carmen Romero as a member of the Single Mums Business Network. Carmen has worked for more than a decade in the space of impact investing, UHNWI, family offices and social enterprises as well as with start-ups at various stages of their growth from ideation all the way to pre-seed or seed investment ready.

Welcome New SMBN Member – Danielle Baron – Integrative Therapist | Life/Career Coach | Experienced Teacher and AHT 10+ Years | 11 + Entrance Exam Tutor | Seen in Daily Mail, Prima, Grammar School Insider, Brainz Magazine… and there’s more!

I am delighted to welcome Danielle Baron to the Single Mums Business Network!

Danielle catalyses children and adults to rise like a phoenix from the flames 🔥 and to reach their optimum potential. She is an entrepreneur, inspiring 11+ and 7+ entrance exams tutor, rapid transformational therapist®, business coach for overachievers, a life coach for all, an NLP Master practitioner and she is also certified by the ILM.

Read more…

Right darlings! The Gov have just made a ‘bit’ of a ‘massive’ poop in judging you instead of tackling the root cause and keeping you safe in the interim, so, let me see what I can do to help… Webinar/ Workshop – Breaking Free from Benefits – Flexible Working and Self-Employment – Free of Charge – all welcome regardless of reason for needing support.

I cannot express enough how disappointed I am in the Chancellor’s attitude towards the most vulnerable members of society in receipt of universal credit. I am all for everybody working, and I am all for growing the economy, but punishing the most vulnerable, instead of tackling the root cause, epitomises what is wrong with our Governance. I have always been a proud tax payer, but right now, I am not proud of where that tax is going.

I’ve had a busy 24hrs! I have spoken to the PM; challenged, listened, delivered our message, presented the barriers, the solutions, the pain, and I am beyond satisfied that I have done all that I can; here’s what was said…

Naturally we do not know whether it will be Rishi or Liz that resides at No.10 next month, but I can hand on heart, in the knowledge that it will be one of them, say that I have spoken to our PM! Quite literally for YEARS, I have been writing to Downing Street, Royalty, MP’s, […]

Friend of the SMBN Carol McIntyre – Founder of Exec Pro VA – A Welcome Renewal!

It is always lovely to welcome a new member or new friend to the SMBN, but it’s something extra special when a member has a break then re-joins, or renews their membership. It’s a real pleasure to extend a warm second welcome to Carol McIntyre, after her confirmation of renewal of being part of what we are so proud to be. A force for good.

So, for those of you who don’t know about Carol or Exec Pro VA – here’s a little snippet:

Welcome ‘Friend of the SMBN’, Katie Phillips, The School of Self Love

The Empowered Feminine Approach To Dating When it comes to preparing midlife single women to be ready to receive their ‘one’ and enjoy an empowered relationship – our friend Katie Phillips is your gal. Katie is a master at guiding women through the inner work that’s required to experience a shift in their external circumstances. […]

Aaaaand, we’re off!

Aaaaand, we’re off!

The SMBN Single Mums Business Network 2022 Awards are officially OPEN for entries! Read more…

Cost of Living Crisis – How the Government are trying to step up.

I say step-up, and not help, because they should have stepped up a long time ago. I have always said that the cost of living outweighs inflation and that we have, for our entire lives, trusted that our tax is used for the right reasons, but it has been like observing a solicitor who has been given a trust fund live a very comfortable life on it and giving the beneficiary peanuts instead of the intended income….

So, today, the Chancellor, as a result of outcry and pressure, sadly not through genuine understanding, has announced the following:


Categories announced for the SMBN 2022 Awards…

Categories this year are:
Campaigner of the Year
Acing Adversity Award
Super Start-up
Community Champion
Excellence in Customer Care
Employer of the Year
SMBN Champion of the Year
Best Corporate Responsibility
Best Innovation Award
Best Business Marketing

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Welcome ‘Friend of the SMBN’, Charlotte Webb, Principle at Castle Green Financial Planning

I am delighted to officially welcome Charlotte to the SMBN as a ‘Friend’, being a friend of the SMBN means that you benefit from the exposure on-line and in print whilst supporting our quest to make work work as single parents. We appreciate every friend of the SMBN as, with their actions, they demonstrate they support our work and mission, whilst enabling us to support theirs. Here is a little about Charlotte:

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