Welcome Nina Bambrey, Parenting Coach, Author and Researcher, to the Single Mums Business Network

I am delighted to welcome Nina back to the SMBN. Nina is a parenting coach, author and researcher. Part way through a PhD looking at the role of adult attachment and attunement in child wellbeing. She has a background in Steiner education which helped her to find joy and creativity in her own parenting journey. Here is what Nina says;

‘I am a parenting coach, offering one to one support to parents. Research has shown that a strong bond between a child and primary caregiver has so many benefits, from improved cognition to a greater ability to withstand life’s inevitable challenges.

The good news is that this can be built, rebuilt or repaired at any stage. I’m so happy that you stumbled across this page because learning to thrive together is a lifelong gift, not only to your family but future generations…. Which if you stop and think about it is pretty incredible!

Get in touch if you would like to know more.’

You really need to see Nina’s website to see the full scope of services offered: https://journeyintoparenting.com/

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