The BOOK – Single Mum & 21st Century Peasant – Breaking out of Benefits Jail.

On Tuesday 29.11.22 I lost my father, without any end of life care, proper diagnosis, much needed outpatient appointments, or his end of life wishes properly recorded on his medical notes, due a broken, stretched system.  I am not okay with it, but I am using my emotions constructively, and fuelling my work of which he was so proud. Our ecosystem is broken, and I blame those who manage it, or do not manage it I should probably say.

I have held a number of webinars to address barriers to adequate work, homes and finance, and consequential benefits. This book shares my own journey as a Single Mum and self-proclaimed 21st Century Peasant, as I share information, advice and tips on how to escape the benefits trap, as I did. It is not linear. I thought it was, before I knew. I thought it was black and white, you simply get a job. If you have clicked this far, the chances are you already know what a battle it is, not to need support, when there are barriers and sharks at play.

But it can be done! I am a single mum, my daughter is ten, benefits are behind me, and I enjoy paying tax again instead of needing to continue to claim it back. The banks refused to help as soon as I was in hardship, and the sharks fed from my wounds, enjoying profiting from my desperation. Landlords rejected me and friends and family were too fearful to act as guarantors. Between the banks, the landlords, the 9-5 presenteeism, and cheap unhealthy diet I bled hard, I cried hard, and I didn’t want to carry on at all, but we do, for our children, and my daughter was my guiding light back to peace, pride, purpose and disposable income!

What I share with you is not a get rich quick scheme, it is not a high ticket trick to feed from your hunger, this is sharing what I have learned in a decade, what I wished somebody had told me in my first week of being a single mum, it is intended to save you from wasting too much time and to guide you to do everything you can to help yourself in a positive way.

As I state in my book:

‘If you take circa 873,000 mums who want to work, and offer those with young children, roles in the NHS from 9:30 – 2:30, or 10-2, and those with older children NHS roles from 9-4, even if it is 38 weeks per year, surely that would save lives?  Surely.  In November 2022, the Royal College of Nursing [RCN] announced that nursing staff at the majority of NHS employers across the UK had voted to take strike action over pay and patient safety, and on 1st December 2022, the Department of Health and Social Care [DHSC] stated that the UK will face a prolonged period of excess deaths, due to cancelled appointments and NHS avoidance during the pandemic.’

By helping you break away from benefits, and by educating Stakeholders on how to remove barriers to work, homes and finance.  We can all create a better and safer future, for us, and our families.

This book is packed with signposting, information and advice.


  1. Making Peace with Benefits
  2. Flexible Working
  3. Multi-Level Marketing & Networking
  4. Ethical, Impactful Business
  5. Business in a Digital World – Setting up your shop window and Minimum Income Floor
  6. Business Departments and Transferable Skills
  7. Mindset and Gratitude
  8. Peer Pressure – Anti Growth
  9. Social Conditioning – Expectations Hurt Us
  10. Forgiving Ignorance and Walking Away
  11. University
  12. Support and Information
  13. Embracing Isolation & Loneliness
  14. Barriers
  15. Financial Education
  16. Responsible Finance
  17. Credit Scoring, Sharks, Fat Cats, Tax Evasion
  18. Social Impact Review 2019

The purpose of this book is to have a positive impact, and to support the work of the SMBN, which is a business network with a social conscience, full of women contributing to not only helping themselves, but helping each other, and helping our wider community.

You can buy the book on Amazon HERE – it is more expensive due to Royalities, or you can checkout below. If money is tight (I get it) Please use THIS LINK to pay £3 per week via GoCardless

Single Mum and 21st Century Peasant – Breaking out of Benefits Jail

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This book is dedicated to my Dad, my hero, Michael Hawkins.  Dad suffered as a result of our broken system, before I could make enough impact to help him, nothing will ever make that okay.  Avoidable strain on our NHS, means that I can never hug him again.  

My Dad was noble, and kind, he used his life always to try and help others, whether via policing, his work  within his local council, or as mayor.  He fought to save Westbury Hospital and always treated others with kindness and respect.  For him to leave us without any end of life care, or pain relief, is simply unacceptable, it is too late for him.

You loved it when I worked hard Dad, and work hard I shall, in your name, in our name.  Hawkins

Dad, Michael Hawkins, 23.09.1946 – 29.11.2022


For some support meanwhile, you can watch a recent webinar recording below:

Your future starts today, with positive steps towards a positive outcome. No stigma, no shame, just support, understanding, encouragement, and insight.

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