Welcome New Member, Carly Newman, of Carly Newman Coaching, to the Single Mums Business Network

I’m delighted to welcome Carly Newman, of Carly Newman Coaching, to the Single Mums Business Network. Carly has a strong career background and has combined all of her skills and experience to help others. Here is what she says;

Hi I’m Carly, single mum to my 3 year old boy. I am certified life coach working with Mums, to help them get what they want in life. I am passionate about empowering Mums, especially single Mums to see their self worth and grow their confidence to really go after the things they want. I use a combination of coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or tapping) to help Mum’s start to transform their lives. I am also very passionate about the inequality that single mums experience and speak about this a lot in my work.

You can connect with Carly via her website and social media channels below

Instagram: Carly Newman (@carlynewmancoaching) • Instagram photos and videos

Facebook: Carly Newman Coaching | Facebook

Website: Coaching For Single Mums | Carly Newman Coaching

I have no doubt of the calibre of single mums in the UK. Hard working women managing a home, work and family despite consistent stigma and misconceptions. Many single mums end up in self-employment due to the genuine barriers to full-time work and the consequent adversity. Business is hope, business enables you to use your skillset, work hard when your children are in school and sleeping, and escape the state dependency you will often be forced into with part-time work. I celebrate and applaud every single mum who joins our network, doing all that she can to help herself, and help her family.

Welcome Carly to the SMBN x

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